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Comfort dance belt.

Top 5 Factors Behind the Popularity of this Dance Belt!

Discover our newest video showcasing the features of our thong dance belt! Join us as our owner, Tom Kilps, narrates the video, providing insights into the…

Redefining Dance Belts with Innovative Design

Dance Jox is a specialized dancewear company that has become synonymous with quality and innovation in the world of dance belts and tights. Founded in 2013 in Fort Worth, Texas, by its visionary founder, Tom Kilps, Dance Jox has earned a…

Introducing a New Dance Belt Design

A New Dance Belt Design

Traditional, graceful, dainty and delicate are many of the words used to describe dance or ballet. When you imagine a dance routine, you may

Providing Brown Dance Belts

Brown Belt

For years the dancewear industry has only provided dance belts for the caucasian skin tone. We believe in providing dance belts to all skin tones. We may not be the first, but finding companies that make brown dance belts has been non-existent. So we fixed that problem. Enjoy!

Why Dancers Should Use Dance Belts

In any dance performance, the dance belt is to be worn by the male dancer- around his waist, before he starts with the movements. In fact, dance belts should be regarded as an essential apparel for every dance practice, dance rehearsal, or whatever dance performance you’ve termed it. Note that wearing a dance belt, confers […]

Dance Belts – My First Experience

by Tom Kilps When I started taking dance lessons I was 12 years old. I enrolled in the jazz classes only, even though the studio offered ballet and tap classes. Taking a ballet class wasn’t too appealing to me at that time. When you are the only boy, it can be intimidating at first. I was taking […]