Considered to be the best dance belt

New to the dance world, our customers try out our dance belt brand, and once they do, they never go back. We are proud to say our dance belt design is considered to be the best on the market.

The design has been perfected based on the requests of professional ballet dancers, and our company is founded by a former professional ballet dancer who understands the garments in this industry.

Design features

Center seam – Creating a smooth modest exterior

The center seam lines up with most tights made for dance. It creates a smooth surface concealing the details of our manhood. The center seam is virtually undetectable creating the “Ken doll effect.”

skin tone Color options

Inclusivity is something we believe in

From the time we can remember, the dancewear industry has only provided a “flesh tone” color in dance belts for lighter basically white skin tones. We noticed a lack of inclusion for medium to dark skin tones, so we made a change. We released the brown dance belt option February 15, 2018 (as seen on our Instagram page.) Our newest color release is caramel. 

Customer approval

Blake B., Contemporary Dance Student, Class of 2022

For the longest time, I was really uncomfortable wearing dance belts and couldn’t wait for class to finish so that I could change. Now, with the dance belts from Dance Jox, I can honestly say that I don’t mind wearing the dance belts anymore.


I only JUST got my first DanceJox. Used it about 4 or 5 times, and so far it’s amazing. Great fit, easily the most comfortable belt I’ve ever worn. Super supportive, and all around perfect.


Just bought this jock to try as I am a professional ballet dancer. Without a doubt I’ll be buying a few more as it is the most comfortable male dance support out there. Plus it hides your private bits extremely well… It’s about time somebody made this revolutionary product. Hope to see more from “dancejox”

Experience Comfort and Support

Preferred by students and pro ballet dancers

Boys of Houston Ballet Academy wear Dance Jox dance belts

Many ballet companies and schools provide dance belts for their dancers. The companies give their men an option of dance belt brands to choose from. We are proud many of them choose our brand. 

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