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Many of our customers try out our brand of dance belt, and once they do, they never go back. We are proud to say our dance belt is the best dance belt on the market. We figured it out because our company is run by a former professional male ballet dancer who knows how the dance belt should look and most importantly feel.

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Blake B., Contemporary Dance Student, Class of 2022

For the longest time, I was really uncomfortable wearing dance belts and couldn’t wait for class to finish so that I could change. Now, with the dance belts from Dance Jox, I can honestly say that I don’t mind wearing the dance belts anymore.


I only JUST got my first DanceJox. Used it about 4 or 5 times, and so far it’s amazing. Great fit, easily the most comfortable belt I’ve ever worn. Super supportive, and all around perfect.


Just bought this jock to try as I am a professional ballet dancer. Without a doubt I’ll be buying a few more as it is the most comfortable male dance support out there. Plus it hides your private bits extremely well… It’s about time somebody made this revolutionary product. Hope to see more from “dancejox”

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The Men of texas ballet theater

We are proud to provide the majority of the men of Texas Ballet Theater with their dance belts. We are proud they choose our brand for the great comfort and support. These four company members are sporting the Active Shorts in both color styles. Looking great guys!

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Dance belts a necessity in The world of Cosplay

A review by Pablo Greene – Check out his YouTube Channel for more useful tips in the world of cosplay.

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First retail Partner - SF Dance Gear

If you live in the San Francisco area, go visit SF Dance Gear to get your Dance Jox dance belt.

We are proud to have SF Dance Gear as our first retail partner.

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