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Tom Kilps

Welcome to Dance Jox. I am proud to introduce you to a company with performing artists in mind. Here you will find products that are attractive and functional. I hope you enjoy the comfort and design of our updated dance belt. As a professional ballet dancer, I am proud to say our dance belt is one of the leaders according to my fellow colleagues and customers.

To my non-dancer friends visiting, not just dancers need our product, but a wide variety of men purchase our dance belts every day. Feel free to give us a try, you will be pleased by the outcome.

When we are in stock, they sell very fast. Don’t wait too long to purchase, otherwise, you might have to wait a few more weeks until the next batch arrives. To fix this problem, I am making a conscious decision to produce larger quantities of dance belts. The goal is to never be out of stock.

Dance Jox is still young, and I am working every day to nurture its growth.

Stick with me, and I will continue to keep the product in stock and available to you.


Your Supporter,


Tom Kilps / Owner

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Photo Credit©Andy Keye + Whitney Photography©Quinn B. Wharton Photography©Steven Visneau Photography. Dancer Credit: Adam Boreland, Alexander Kotelenets, Lucas Priolo, Joamanuel Velazquez, Lonnie Weeks.