Size Small – Primarily for younger boys. This is a smaller dance belt, and we recommend it to ages 12-14 with smaller builds. So, this is the perfect first dance belt for the younger beginner boys who are required to wear tights.

What works best for you

If you like the regular snug feel, go for the size matching your lower waist/hip measurement. If you want a not so snug fit we recommend you size up. We don’t anticipate a huge difference in fit. It just might alleviate some tension you may not want.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We want you to have the right size, If you feel you need to exchange for a different size we can help (see details).

Body type guide

Keep in mind the dance belt sizing is primarily based on the lower waist/hip measurement. These measurements are an approximation to help you find the right size. Use your best judgement to correspondent the illustration with your own body type.

Illustration: Courtesy use from

I know my size, lets go!