Become a Dance Jox Affiliate

The Dance Jox Affiliate Program offers a way to turn your website’s traffic or social media following into legitimate revenue. Promote a brand with great values and give your community an opportunity to discover some of the highest quality in men’s dancewear available on the market! We feature multiple products that your friends and followers will fall in love with. There are no upfront costs to join. 



Why join our affiliate team?

About our community

We are male performing artists and we love dancing. You are part of a large community of performers that tell stories everyday on stages around the world. Since you love our products, we want to include you in the benefits and help supplement your current income from dancing or other jobs. 


Products to Promote

Our three products to tell your friends and followers about.

How to promote

There are many ways to promote our products and share your custom link. We recommend creating a YouTube video reviewing our products and attaching your link in the description. Instagram and TikTok are great places to share stories and posts with the link in your bio. 

Whats Required?

What you’ll get paid.

We will start you off with an introductory 20% commission rate. We will increase this number based on sales. 


1 dance belt sold. 


Enjoy a 20% commission payout for all sales. 


Payout If you sell 4 dance belts. 

Here are the three requirements for becoming an affiliate. Adhering to these requirements is crucial to maintain the activity of your account. Additionally, we offer cash awards for completing certain tasks.

If you find these terms agreeable and are eager to earn some extra income, simply sign up below!

Sign up here

ALERT: Once you submit the form and it does nothing you may already have an account with us. Log into your account  and proceed to “Affiliate Dashboard” and fill your information there. We will then approve your entry and you will have access to the dashboard to get your sharable link. 

Terms of the program: By signing up you agree to promote Dance Jox products at your will as an “Affiliate.”

Do not make purchases or have family members purchase on your behalf with your link just to get commissions. We understand if you click your own link and end up purchasing within 30 days it may show a commission on your Affiliate Dashboard. Payouts are disqualified for purchases to yourself or by immediate family members on your behalf. 

Purchases associated to you as the “Affiliate” using your affiliate link will not have commissions paid. The purchased items must be sent to an address or organization that does not have your name on the shipping address or affiliated with your household family members.

“Affiliates” should not ask their parents or family members to purchase products for that “Affiliate” for the soul purpose of gaining commissions. 

Please practice honest promoting. 

We have the right to take away affiliate privileges at anytime for conducting misleading promoting practices or cheating.