Why Dancers Should Use Dance Belts

In any dance performance, the dance belt is to be worn by the male dancer- around his waist, before he starts with the movements. In fact, dance belts should be regarded as an essential apparel for every dance practice, dance rehearsal, or whatever dance performance you’ve termed it. Note that wearing a dance belt, confers vital support to a male dancer’s anatomy, while also lifting his body to conform to the requirements of good dance.

What You Need To Know About Dance Belts and Jock Straps

It is not impossible that you’ll have heard people compare a dance belt, with a jock strap. Actually, they’ve quite a whole lot of similarities, and their functions are virtually the same. For instance, you would basically use both the dance belt and the jock strap, as a protective support for the groin. Given this, you may expect both dance belt and jock strap to have similar features- like the frontal soft fitted support barrier. In the dance belts, the frontal soft support barrier is tightly held unto the body, such that the genitals are well supported and fixed in one position. This is a little different in the jockstrap, however, since it comes with a relatively looser fitting in some form of a pouch structure. This characteristic makes it less tight and comfortable, while still providing the needed support for the genitals.

Furthermore, it should be noted that each of the dance belts and the jock straps, are essentially to come with a thick waistband. If the attached waistbands are not thick enough, then the protective structures may not serve their purpose as much as is necessary. Again, the ideal dance belt or jockstrap should always be tightly fitted around the waist. A thick waistband guarantees proper tightness, as you go about your activities.

When putting every factor to bear in the design of a protective structure for the groin- in a contact sport, we may think of the need for an athletic cup. Some dancers may say this is also necessary for dance belts since there are also the possibilities of accidental contact with the groin region- especially during a ballerina performance. Asides this, there are no real reasons why an athletic cup should necessarily be added to the dance belt.

What the dance belt should necessarily have, is a thin padding layer, that is good enough to conceal the anatomy contours of the groin region. The thin padding helps to remove the resultant distraction that may come up if the audience can see the contours of the dancer as he swings from end to end. It also helps the dancer feel more at ease, knowing that no one sees what their groins really look like, behind the apparel. In this instance, a dance belt padding is especially important if you’re wearing tights that come in revealing colors- such as plain whites.

Incidentally, however, if you look well enough, you’ll discover that many dance belts have failed to come with this feature, which is entirely not good enough.

Why do dance belts come as thongs?

Sometimes you may want to wonder why dance belts are always made to come as thongs, instead of straps. The idea behind this is to effectively conceal the underwear lines of the users, from showing. Many times, the male underwear butt surface in tights, should be smooth. However, a number of dance belts come with a full seat brief underwear- which is a good alternative. These types of dance belts are used for ballroom dances, by children, equestrian riders, by certain circus performers, as well as the superhero costumes.

Although it doesn’t just happen that you become immediately used to using thong-shaped dance belts, you’re most likely to get used to it- after using it a few times.

The best colors for dance belts

Dance belts would usually come in different colors- sometimes depending on the manufacturing company. Hence, a reason why you would find the light colored ones, as well as the dark-colored dance belt products.

One reason why your dance belt color must be the right one is because of possible wardrobe malfunctions- which may happen before you even know it.

Primarily, your choice of dance belt should be the one whose color blends well with your own skin color. Considering its function as some sort of underwear, you or anyone else shouldn’t easily notice it- even if you have to take off your shirt in the course of the performance.

Now is the time to get complete, on your dance course. Get your dance belts, today!