Redefining Dance Belts with Innovative Design

Company Overview:

Dance Jox, a premier dancewear company founded in 2013 by visionary Tom Kilps in Fort Worth, Texas, is synonymous with quality and innovation in dance belts and tights. Crafted to meet the unique needs of dancers, Dance Jox has earned a stellar reputation for its commitment to excellence.

The Birth of Dance Jox:

Conceived by accomplished ballet dancer Tom Kilps, formerly with the Texas Ballet Theater, Dance Jox addresses the market niche for high-quality, comfortable dance belts, and tights. Tom’s vision was to enhance dancers’ performance and comfort during rehearsals and performances, leading to the establishment of Dance Jox in Fort Worth, Texas.

Evolution and Success:

Dance Jox’s unwavering commitment to quality and innovation in dance belts and tights has garnered a loyal following among professionals and aspiring artists. Tom Kilps and his team continually refine and expand their product line, maintaining a focus on excellence in this specialized segment of dancewear.

Legacy and the Future:

Despite a limited product range, Dance Jox is an invaluable partner in the dance community, supporting countless dancers in their pursuit of excellence. Tom Kilps’ vision thrives as Dance Jox remains a trusted name, dedicated to elevating the quality and comfort of dance belts and tights. From its 2013 inception in Fort Worth, Texas, Dance Jox symbolizes excellence, an essential component of dancers’ success. With each graceful movement and thrilling performance, Dance Jox takes pride in being integral to the world of dance, thanks to its visionary founder, Tom Kilps.