Available Roles

Here at Dance Jox, our products are building momentum in the dancewear industry. We are looking for social media influencers who are ballet dancers. We are currently hiring dancers to fill these roles.

Instagram Influencer

5 posts per week
$150 – $200 per week

We are searching for a well-connected social media influencer to serve as our esteemed supporter. The social media influencer should review all sponsorship requirements before proceeding to devise highly appealing content. Upon publication thereof, you should also monitor viewers’ feedback.

To ensure success as a social media influencer, you should exhibit unwavering authenticity and thoughtfulness about our company’s vested interests. Ultimately, an exceptional social media Influencer should remain culturally literate and keenly responsive to feedback.

Dance Jox Influencer Responsibilities:

  • Scheduling content on personal Instagram account.
  • Crafting and editing pertinent content.
  • Covering all stipulated talking points.
  • Sharing highly visible links to prescribed websites.
  • Combing through your audience’s feedback to ascertain their insights.
  • Adhering to all other agreed-upon sponsorship guidelines.
  • Conveying authentic enthusiasm throughout each publication.
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YouTube Influencer

$200 per video (limit 2 per influencer)

We are searching for a relatable YouTuber to generate viewer-friendly, accessible content. The YouTuber should shoot and refine footage, release finalized videos, and facilitate the purchase of channel memberships.

We invite you to create content about our products. We will compensate and post your content on our channel.

YouTube Influencer Requirements:

  • Free to talk about personal experiences with Dance Jox products.
  • Must film your own footage and edit using software for final submission. 
  • Length must be 3-6 minutes. 
  • Looking for authentic honest thoughts. Positive talking points are welcome and even criticism is accepted. 
  • Video must be submitted and approved by Dance Jox management prior to payment to influencer. 
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