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Dance Jox thong dance belt are the only dance belts my dancers (ages 15 and 17) will wear. We have tried multiple other brands and only purchase Dance Jox now for the past 3 years. My dancers wear the black and nude colors. We machine wash on cold and hang to dry to help them last.

Melanie Biggs / verified owner

Dance Jox dance belts do a flawless job, and I’m absolutely in love with the caramel shade. It matches my skin tone very closely. Dance Jox has truly nailed it with their attention to detail and inclusive color options

Damien / verified owner

The Dance Jox thong dance belt is the best undergarment for any guys looking to wear compression pants. Keeps everything in place without showing off the goods to everyone!

Patrick / verified owner

It fit beautifully. Not only was it really comfortable, but it’s probably the best I’ve ever used.

Diego M. / verified owner

These are the BEST dance belts I’ve ever used. As an aerialist, I’ve been on the search for synthetic dance belts. This makes it extremely comfortable and minimizes and rubbing/chafing. Dancejox dance belts provide protection without the loss of comfort. I love these so much, I use them even outside of aerial, for breakdancing, or just when I want to rock leggings in public.

Quan / verified owner

We are a theatrical costume shop who buys dance belts for our musicals. Pricing is competitive and our performers love the variety in hue. Shipping is a breeze and exchanges couldn’t be simpler. I prefer to spend our dollars supporting a small business! Keep up the excellent work, you’ve earned our continued business!!!

Sarah S. / verified owner
Dance Jox
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Philip (verified owner)  

I have to say, this dance belt is absolutely fantastic. It fits me like a glove, providing the perfect balance of support and comfort. I couldn’t ask for a better fit. This one is a winner!

Audrey C. (verified owner)  

My son swears by Dance Jox dance belts. He started with size small and now comfortably wears mediums. The transition was seamless, and we couldn’t be happier with the brand. Dance Jox has earned our loyalty. Thank you, Dance Jox, for supporting my son’s dance journey!

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Doctor Dancebelt Website

By Doctor Dancebelt – Published in 2014

After enduring uncomfortable dance belts for his entire school and professional dance career, Tom Kilps, First Soloist at Texas Ballet Theatre got fed up and decided he could do better by designing his own.  He produced the first prototypes on his mother’s sewing machine, and Dance Jox was born.

“…the softest fabric-covered waistband of all dance belts”

Now professionally sewn in the U.S.A., Dance Jox features the softest fabric-covered waistband of all dance belts, with an incredible 5” stretch in thong length (which means driving to class or sitting in a chair won’t slice you in half).  The 2.5” seamless waistband is wide enough to support without cutting, but narrow enough to wear shirtless.

The pouch is constructed of 4-way stretch fabric inner/outer layers over a foam middle layer.  A vertical seam orients the penis properly into an upright and locked position.  The seam extends through all 3 layers to prevent the foam from shifting.  Since it runs right up the center of the pouch, the seam shows through thin tights.

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Brandon's Tumblr Post

Guys! Really guys this time, men, male dancers, you people! If you aren’t using this dance belt you are hurting yourself. I honestly thought there was no such thing as a comfortable dance belt. I thought you just got used to the irritation of the stiff thong but that isn’t necessary. I AM NOT PAID TO SAY THIS! I am this passionate about this product. This product was designed by a male dancer, he knows what we need. Besides the fact that the thong is made so that its unnoticeable but the belt is designed to better distribute the forward pressure which would cause the thong to be uncomfortable in the cause of older dance belts. Besides that it looks good.

“You will be doing yourself a great service.”

I know it’s weird to say but it supports you in a great way. Yes it’s comfortable but it shapes extremely well. Be honest if you say you don’t care how you look in tights, you’re lying. To some extent you want to make sure everything is presentable. Oh and the seam in the front is no worry. Besides the thong it is the best design of the belt. In my Yumiko tights, which are extremely thin, you can not notice the seam. If you have any questions about how these wear feel free to inbox me. Otherwise get to and order one now. You will be doing yourself a great service.

Brandon's Testimonial

Brandon Scott – College dance major

Wearing a dance belt has actually become a rather comfortable experience to me since I bought my Dance Jox.  As a university dance student, I was suffering through long hours stuck in a dance belt.  As long as I put it on properly (Dr. Dancebelt has the best guide for wearing one) the Dance Jox can be practically unnoticeable.  I’ve worn a few Capezio dance belts in the past; full seat, quilted and one I’m told is an old Harmonie model.  The Dance Jox dance belt is better than any of those by leaps and bounds in all aspects.

“..has actually become a rather comfortable experience…”

 To start with, the Dance Jox dance belt shapes everything very well.  I was honestly impressed with myself when I first put tights on over this dance belt.  Beyond looks, this dance belt is all about function. The thong is made of a very lightweight, breathable and stretchable fabric. Other dance belts I have worn have a much thicker thong, which in my opinion feels like a rope.

The front of this dance belt is made from two panels as opposed to most others only having one. I feel this is a perfect design aspect.  My idea is that this helps distribute the forward pressure of your genitals which normally would cause the discomfort in the thong.  At first glance, the center seam made by these two panels looks to be a major problem in appearance.  Man, was I wrong!  In my thinnest tights (Yumiko) the seam is not noticeable, so go ahead and put that worry out of your mind.  Dancing while wearing this dance belt is great.  I can only recall one time when it shifted out of place, but even then the dance belt did its job and was perfectly comfortable.

“Dancing while wearing this dance belt is great.”

My only real gripe with this dance belt is that if you do not wear it perfectly you might have some cloth bunched up at the very bottom of the front panel, which can sometimes be seen when wearing tights.  However, when I have taken the extra couple of seconds to adjust the dance belt properly this is not a problem.  If there were one thing I would love to see in a future model it would be the same thing I want in every dance belt, for these things to breathe.  There is nothing worse than the disgusting sweat-coated feeling I have when I take a dance belt off.  As far as breathability is concerned this dance belt is no different from any others I have tried.

The decision to wear this dance belt should be easy for anyone.  It is made by a fellow male dancer who understands our dance belt struggle and searched to find a resolution.  Dance Jox actually cares about the experience of its users and has made the definitive undergarment for dancers.

“The decision to wear this dance belt should be easy for anyone.”

As far as sizing, in my experience it is accurate.  The sizing chart on the website says large should fit people with a 32”-34” waist.  I am 6’2”, 170lb, have a 32” waist, and it fits perfect.

Previously wearing a dance belt for any extended amount of time was not unbearable but I definitely did not look forward to it.  With the Dance Jox dance belt, I can wear it as comfortably as any other typical undergarment without a second thought.  I will without a doubt be ordering more of these down the road.  I thought I wanted to try a few dance belts to find which will be best, but I am afraid that if I am to buy another one it just will not measure up to the quality found in the Dance Jox dance belt.  This dance belt is something I feel everyone needs to experience.  It may not be for everyone but it definitely is for me.

Vincent's Review

Ok, I have put this off for about a month because I thought I would find something wrong with them in that time. Amazingly, I did not!
So guys, boys, parents buying for your sons, there is a dance belt that not only doesn’t cause pain, but is also insanely comfortable. I ordered two to start with as I only have two classes a week. The day they arrived I immediately tried one on. I spent the rest of my normal day in it and forgot I was wearing it and ended up spending the night in it. (Might I also add that its contents had not moved from where I had put them.) Even for everyday activities, I’d say it is more comfortable than my normal underwear, but that’s just me.

“…insanely comfortable.”

When the day came for class, I was excited! As before, I completely forgot I had a dance belt on. No adjusting or repositioning was required. No sensation of being sawed in half through your crack. It was literally the best class I have ever had, completely worry/pain-free (in the rear that is, the rest of me still burns: such is ballet). Every class since then has been just as awesome!

A few comments on the actual product. It is very soft and can be machine washed, but hang dry. The rear strap is a bit wider than a Capezio’s, though much thinner material and yet more durable. The waistband is flexible and stretchy, but does not fold over and is short enough that it only just peeks above pants height. The instructions/size tag is in the middle of the back on the band. I have not noticed it during wear, so I have not removed it.
Now the pouch. The pouch has been noticed by the rest of my class (all females). It hides definition better than my old belt; however, it makes my bulge look Much bigger!

Caution: may cause you to think you are more well-endowed than you actually are.

There is a seam on the front of the pouch. Some people may find that an issue. The front seam of my tights hides it for me.

“I will only be buying this dance belt.”

As a sizing reference, I am 5’10” 165lbs with a 32” waist (average build, neither thin or thick) and a large fits me perfectly.
I’m not paid to say this: I will only be buying this dance belt. It is definitely worth the price!

It is worth noting that if you are not a dancer, but are male and involved in any activity that requires tight clothing, this dance belt is also recommended for biking, riding, gymnastics, and cosplay.

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