Introducing a New Dance Belt Design

A New Dance Belt Design

Traditional, graceful, dainty and delicate are many of the words used to describe dance or ballet. When you imagine a dance routine, you may visualize very tall and slender females wearing leotards, skirts and ballet shoes with their hair pulled into a bun. You may also envision those females walking on their toes and gracefully leaping across the stage. Most individuals who envision a dance routine, automatically thinks of the ballerinas, but what about the male dancers?

Males are dancers as well. Without male dancers, there would not be the traditional lifting of the ballerinas or any romantic dance routines with scripts of love. Without male dancers, there would not be a such thing as the Nutcracker. The Nutcracker is one of the most famous ballet performances known around the world. The lead character in this routine is performed by a male dancer.

So not only are we aware that male dancers are important and should be included in dance routines, but what about their clothing and undergarments. A good question to ask would be, what should the male dancers wear on stage?

Dress code for male dancers include, tights, fitted t-shirts, ballet shoes and most importantly a dance belt. A dance belt is a specialized undergarment worn specifically by male dancers. It is used to support the male genitals. Just as the shoulder pads, helmets and cups are worn for protection in a football game, dance belts are also worn for protection during a dance routine.

Dance belts are the most important piece of clothing a male dancer will ever need. They are available in all sizes, shapes and forms. Although, the world has evolved into including male dancers in dance routines and creating specific dance undergarments for them, there was still an issue at hand.

The issue was found in the creation of the protective undergarments. There were simply just not many color options in the world of dance belts. The colors that were available for purchase were white, beige and black. That meant that the dance belts that were available only matched the skin tone for those with fair skin and tan skin.

There were no options for the males with darker skin tones. This may seem like a small issue to some, but in reality this is sometimes difficult for those male dancers who search and search for other options.

Some individuals would also argue to choose the black dance belts, but could you imagine the frustration these gentlemen may have undergone trying to pick undergarments that matched. It would be equivalent to a female going into a beauty supply store to search for a makeup foundation that matches her skin tone. If the store only supplied white, beige and black then this would cause a very difficult situation for the female.

Everyone in the world is unique in their own special way. Every person is unique with their distinct personalities, smile and even skin complexion.

After noticing the lack of options, our company was able to sit down and think of a better option for the male dancers with darker skin tones. We wanted to fill the void and help these gentleman overcome this situation.

We are pleased to announce that our company released dance belts for gentlemen with darker skin tones in February of 2018. Our goal is to fill the void of not having a better option of color to match skin tones. In addition to the nude colors of beige, tan, white and black, our company has added the color of brown.

We are very sensitive to the needs of our customers and future customers. We understand that every dancer is important whether male or female. We also understand that the clothing and undergarments they wear are just as important.

Every dancer, every routine, every performance sparks magic. Tradition, grace, and elegance are the words used to describe the performances. The clothing an individual wears can boost their confidence and as a result help them perform better. We want to ensure that every dancer feels confident with the dance clothing they have and purchase from our company. So that as a result, traditions such as the Nutcracker, can continue to be performed around the world.