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How to Wear a Dance Belt

Below, you’ll see guidelines on how to properly wear a dance belt; Step 1 – [...]

The Purpose of Dance Belts

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Dancer Review – I found a new DANCE BELT brand!

Check out my Dance Jox Belt Review— this dance belt is seriously comfy and supportive, [...]

Jockstrap vs. Dance Belt: Understanding the Difference

In the realm of male athletic wear and dance attire, the jockstrap and the dance [...]

Do you wear anything under a dance belt?

In the world of dance, the dance belt serves as crucial supportive underwear for male [...]

Top 5 Factors Behind the Popularity of this Dance Belt!

Discover our newest video showcasing the features of our thong dance belt! Join us as [...]

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Introducing a New Dance Belt Design

A New Dance Belt Design

Traditional, graceful, dainty and delicate are many of the words used to describe dance or ballet. When you imagine a dance routine, you may

Providing Brown Dance Belts

Brown Belt

For years the dancewear industry has only provided dance belts for the caucasian skin tone. We believe in providing dance belts to all skin tones. We may not be the first, but finding companies that make brown dance belts has been non-existent. So we fixed that problem. Enjoy!

Why Dancers Should Use Dance Belts

In any dance performance, the dance belt is to be worn by the male dancer- around his waist, before he starts with the movements. In fact, dance belts should be regarded as an essential apparel for every dance practice, dance rehearsal, or whatever dance performance you’ve termed it. Note that wearing a dance belt, confers […]

Useful Tools for Dancers – Ballet in Form

We highly recommend Ballet in Form. In discovering this site, we realized how correct and valuable the information they give. The teachers are well educated with former careers in ballet. Ballet in Form is the first educational website from the professional world of ballet. They feature 1-3 new videos per week. This site’s mission is […]