How to Wear a Dance Belt

How to wear a dance belt

If you’re looking to support the groin area while taking class in the studio or performing on stage, a dance belt worn close against the body and under tights will do the trick perfectly. Rather than having a jockstrap or underwear showing, a dance belt will minimize the appearance of those lines while still providing the support you need.

Below, you’ll see guidelines on how to properly wear a dance belt;

Step 1 – After stepping into the dance belt and bringing it up to the waist like standard underwear, it should be snugger than regular underwear due to its supportive functionality. 

Step 2 – Adjust your genitals accordingly (NEVER TUCK DOWN). As you reach into the pouch, pull everything upwards and make sure the testicles are at the front with everything else pointing upwards. Your penis should be facing upward (12 o’clock) against your lower abdomen.

Step 3 – Gently pull downward and lift the back to fit the dance belt; the thong should sit comfortably between the buttocks; if needed pull the waistband up higher to keep tension in the thong. 

Step 4 – Try some simple moves to test the dance belt; adjust if the belt moves or doesn’t feel secure. Picking a dance belt resembling your skin tone is important, that way it will blend against the skin and allow you to wear tights or pants without it being noticeable. This is why we do not recommend a white dance belt. 

Once you feel comfortable, it’s time to show the world what you can do. At first, you might feel a little discomfort but you’ll soon adapt and find the right tightness for you.

Although there are white dance belts available, we recommend steering clear of these, otherwise it may show through a light color pair of tights. With a beige or brown dance belt depending on your skin tone, it won’t show through any tights or pants you choose to wear.

The dance belt we provide is said to be very comfortable all while providing the vital support a dance belt is made for.  – Check out our brand HERE

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