Running and Swimming Athletic Support Undergarment

Here at Dance Jox, we love getting feedback from our new customers. Just recently we had some new customers purchase the dance belt, not for dancing, but for running. We are proud to say we are now supporting runners.

Runners are definitely in need of our support when it comes to their active undergarments. The Dance Jox Dance Belt comes into play to support, shape, and hide those unwanted lines while you run. Traditionally, runners wear compression briefs, jock straps or whatever they can muster up to keep the boys in place. We are happy to know that our dance belts are the solution for our runners.

Who Else?

Let’s not stop at runners. We thought, who else wears skin tight activewear. Swimmers! Yes, let’s take a dip in the pool, swim some laps, and look better in those skin tight trunks and wetsuits. We believe that swimmers can benefit from our products for aesthetics and aerodynamics . If you happen to be a swimmer, we recommend wearing the dance belt to create a smooth line down below. If you wear a competitive pro jammer or rash guard tights you might want to look into wearing a dance belt for support. To all of the triathletes and marathoners out there, we hope our dance belt will support and make a better look to your manhood while you finish first!

Run with support and comfort!