Male Cosplay Superhero Underwear

On May 17, 2014 we attended Dallas Comic Con. We thought we would check out the cosplay superhero costumes. It was an experience. Dallas Comic Con had a lot to offer. From celebrity sightings to red carpet cosplay parades and competitions. The vendor area was a splendor with all kinds of nostalgic merchandise to go home with.

Spandex Superhero Costumes

We want to talk about the spandex costumes that some of the men were wearing. This would include superheroes such as Superman, Spider-Man, Green Lantern, Robin, Flash, Aqua-Man, Dead Pool, and Nightwing. All of these costumes have one thing in common – skin tight spandex!

When it comes to spandex there is no hiding from every curve on your body, especially the private parts. We know with the proper education to our cosplay friends, we hope they will be wearing a Dance Jox Dance Belt. Wearing a dance belt will set the foundation for smoothness. It will make your costume complete without any unwanted eyes staring at your unkempt junk.

Superhero Support Down There

Dance Jox dance belt is the solution to your cosplay costumes. We understand when you show up to Comic Con or a Halloween party, you will want to show off your costume, not your crotch.

We have seen many people ask the question, “What do I wear underneath my spandex superhero costume?”

Most responses were dead ends. We have the solution for you. Dance Jox dance belt will create a smooth surface while keeping you supported.

Don’t forget, when wearing a dance belt, always “dress” your genitals up (Refer to ‘How to Wear a Dance Belt‘) Yes, everything! This creates that “bump” that all of our favorite superheroes have in common.

One of our customer as spider-man

A must for your superhero costume!