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Guy! Really guys this time, men, male dancers, you people! If you aren’t using this dance belt you are hurting yourself. I honestly thought there was no such thing as a comfortable dance belt. I thought you just got used to the irritation of the stiff thong but that isn’t necessary. I AM NOT PAID TO SAY THIS! I am this passionate about this product. This product was designed by a male dancer, he knows what we need. Besides the fact that the thong is made so that its unnoticeable but the belt is designed to better distribute the forward pressure which would cause the thong to be uncomfortable in the cause of older dance belts. Besides that it looks good. I know it’s weird to say but it supports you in a great way. Yes it’s comfortable but it shapes extremely well. Be honest if you say you don’t care how you look in tights, you’re lying. To some extent you want to make sure everything is presentable. Oh and the seam in the front is no worry. Besides the thong it is the best design of the belt. In my yumiko tights, which are extremely thin, you can not notice the seam. If you have any questions about how these wear feel free to inbox me. Otherwise get to dancejox.com and order one now. You will be doing yourself a great service.ryanishka would you mind sharing this for your male audience? They need to know.


Thanks so much for helping to spread the word ryanishka!