A Brand New Company

Article posted August 4, 2013

Who We Are

Welcome to Dance Jox! Created in 2013, Dance Jox is a brand new company. Dance Jox has been created to serve male performing artists dancewear needs. Specializing in dancewear, Dance Jox will provide the necessary apparel for performing artists.

What We Are Doing

New to the world, Dance Jox has been working on our first product set to release soon. The most essential garment for a male dancer is the dance belt. Dance Jox has been working hard to create an innovative design that will be your favorable dance belt. Dance Jox will provide a high level of quality and comfort fit for your dancing.

Why We Are Here

Male dancers have a very limited selection of ¬†dancewear today. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of options. The current dancewear products for men are secondary. Dance Jox understands the need for superb men’s dancewear. Starting with an all new design of the dance belt, Dance Jox plans to have a full line of men’s dancewear.


A brand new company with a brand new product!