Top 20 Dance Bag Items

Men's Dance Bag Items

Every male dancer should have a dance bag. If you don’t already have one you can purchase a gym duffel from any local sports and outdoors store. Try to find a medium size bag with a few extra pockets for storage. A dance bag should have the the proper essentials to get you through your day. Here are the top 20 items we recommend.

Our bag of choice – HERE

1. Dance BeltsDance Jox Brand 

2. Tights full length and shorts

3. Waist Elastic

4. T-shirt, Tank, Long Sleeve

5. Socks – black and white

6. Shoes – Ballet and Jazz (Black or White)

7. Warm-up Booties – We like the Bloch brand booties

8. Leg Warmers

9. Sweat Pants

10. Water Bottle

11. Wireless earbuds 

12. Thera-Band

13. Foam Roller

14. Racquetball Ball or Tennis Ball

15. Hand towel

16. Protein Bars  Mixed Nuts or Trail Mix

17. Emergen-C Packets

18. Ibuprofen

19. Deodorant

20. Breath mints


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