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Useful Tools for Dancers – Ballet in Form

We highly recommend Ballet in Form. In discovering this site, we realized how correct and valuable the information they give. The teachers are well educated with former careers in ballet. Ballet in Form is the first educational website from the professional world of ballet. They feature 1-3 new videos per week. This site’s mission is […]

Dance Belts – My First Experience

by Tom Kilps When I started taking dance lessons I was 12 years old. I enrolled in the jazz classes only, even though the studio offered ballet and tap classes. Taking a ballet class wasn’t too appealing to me at that time. When you are the only boy, it can be intimidating at first. I was taking […]

Running and Swimming Athletic Support Undergarment

Here at Dance Jox, we love getting feedback from our new customers. Just recently we had some new customers purchase the dance belt, not for dancing, but for running. We are proud to say we are now supporting runners. Runners are definitely in need of our support when it comes to their active undergarments. The […]

Male Cosplay Superhero Underwear

On May 17 we attended Dallas ComicCon. We thought we would check out the cosplay superhero costumes. It was an experience. Dallas ComicCon had a lot to offer. From celebrity sightings to red carpet cosplay parades and competitions. The vendor area was a splendor with all kinds of nostalgic merchandise to go home with. Spandex Superhero […]

How to Wear a Dance Belt

If you’re looking to support the groin area while rehearsing at home or perhaps during a class or performance, dance belts, worn close against the skin and under tights, will do the trick perfectly. Rather than having a jockstrap or underwear showing, a dance belt will minimize the appearance of lines while still providing the […]

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