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  1. K

    This is the most comfortable and supportive dance belt I’ve ever worn. It’s great for long hours at class and rehearsal. Plus it has a smoother and better appearance under my tights and leo

  2. A

    This fit amazing! Thank you so much

  3. NJ

    I have to get used to the full seat, but they are still made better than all others belts I’ve worn!

  4. NJ

    Best dance belt ever! I would never purchase any other brand!

  5. RG

    Extremely comfortable! holds everything in place. smooth even budge appearance. Got a (s) for extra security but (m) works just as good!

  6. A

    Excellent purchase, the belt is very comfortable and is made of very good quality.

  7. C
  8. L

    The caramel was an excellent skin tone match.

  9. DW

    As a professional ballet dancer, I find the Dance Jox dance belt to be exceptional in terms of comfort and support. The high-quality, breathable material ensures minimal chafing and maintains its durability even after repeated use. The fit is snug yet flexible, providing excellent support without restricting my movements. Overall, this dance belt is a must-have for any serious dancer looking for reliability and comfort.

  10. DJ

    This dance belt offers excellent support, eliminating any worries about discomfort or adjustments. It’s a staple in my dance wardrobe now.

  11. WC

    I love how this dance belt contours perfectly to my body. It’s durable and maintains its shape even after multiple washes.

  12. B

    Super comfy only dance belt my son will wear

  13. MB

    The fit of this dance belt is superb, hugging all the right places without digging in. I can wear it for hours without any discomfort, a must-have for any serious dancer

  14. A

    it’s my first dance belt and I already want to order more!

  15. HJ

    My son reports the thong dance belt is very comfortable, breathable and fits perfectly. It is hard to find sizes that fit the 14 year old male, and these fit perfectly! We only supply our son with your product.

  16. HO

    I bought these for my non dancer actors. They didnt complain at all – i take that to mean they were comfortable. Communication and shipping were top notch!

  17. N

    Great quality and fit, my dancing son loves this brand.

  18. JM

    I’ve never felt more comfortable in a dance belt. It offers great support and the fabric is soft and breathable.

  19. RR

    This is the best dance belt I’ve ever worn. It retains its shape even after multiple washes in between shows. I perform in a theme park show average five shows a day.

  20. A
    Thong Dance Belt