Chris Pratt really did Bare All for ‘Passengers’ Shower Scene (via Just Jared)

Not making a big deal about this, but it’s interesting to see when dance belts or “modesty socks” are mentioned in celebrity news. As performing artists, we know all too well how things can go wrong during a live performance. Luckily, movie stars end up with forgiving edited scenes. We are excited to see this movie!

Here’s the article:

The crew members on the set of Passengers got an eyeful from Chris Pratt while he was filming the shower scene because he decided not to wear a modesty sock!

The 37-year-old actor explained that the water in the shower was causing the tape to fall off and instead of replacing it every few minutes, he just bared all in order to get the scene finished as quick as possible.

“There was one moment where I’m in the shower. It was the last scene we shot at the very end of a long week. I just remember I had this like dance belt on which is essentially glued or taped to the front to cover up that part,” Chris told USA Today. “And the water was rolling down and it kept coming undone. And so I was like, ‘Just stop, forget it.’ And I did the whole scene. I was actually fully naked. And I knew everyone could see it. I didn’t care, I wanted to go home.”

“It was like, what was I going to do, dry me off, apply another thing and take another 10 minutes to do that? Or just shoot the scene,” he added. “So, everyone saw…”

Source: Just Jared

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Posted by Chris Pratt on Wednesday, December 21, 2016