Created in 2013 by Tom Kilps, he is a former dancer of Texas Ballet Theater. Having a professional career in the ballet, he knows the types of garments his fellow artists need to execute their art in the studio and on stage.


An essential garment for a male dancer is the dance belt. We have been working hard to perfect the design and evolve it from the first model. The innovative result has created your favorite dance belt.


Male dancers have a very limited selection of dancewear today. We understand the need for quality in men’s dancewear. With an all-new design of the dance belt complete, we are currently moving forward with development of more product.


We will continue to strive for success and create apparel for performing artists. We will continuously work with performing artists to ensure satisfaction.



2014-15 Retirement Season Biography

Thomas Kilps comes to Texas from Madison, Wisconsin, where he began his training with Studio One, Monona Academy of Dance, and Madison Ballet. He continued his training with Pittsburgh Ballet Theater School, The Rock School, and Houston Ballet’s Ben Stevenson Academy before joining Texas Ballet Theater in 2003. Mr. Kilps has enjoyed countless roles in Ben Stevenson’s ballets, some of which include “Ptolemy” in Cleopatra, “Renfield” in Dracula, “White Rabbit” in Alice in Wonderland, “Mercutio” in Romeo and Juliet, “Amour” in Don Quixote, and “Jester” in Cinderella. When not dancing, Thomas runs his premiere dancewear company Dance Jox. This is Thomas’ twelfth season with Texas Ballet Theater.

References: 2014-15 performance programs / Texas Ballet Theater website bio.

Links: tomkilps.com | linkedin.com/in/tomkilpstexasballettheater.org


Adam Boreland
Orlando Ballet

Carl Coomer
Texas Ballet Theater

Alexander Kotelenets
Texas Ballet Theater

Joamanuel Velazquez
Texas Ballet Theater

Lonnie Weeks
San Francisco Ballet

Header Banner Credit: ©Andy Keye + Whitney Photography. Dancer: Joamanuel Velazquez
All Photo Credits©Andy Keye + Whitney Photography©Quinn B. Wharton Photography©Steven Visneau Photography.
Dancer Credit: Adam Boreland, Alexander Kotelenets, Lucas Priolo, Joamanuel Velazquez, Lonnie Weeks.

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